MyOdoo Grundpaket

MyOdoo Grundpaket 

MyOdoo Fast Reports

MyOdoo FastReport

Myodoo elastic Search

MyOdoo Elasticsearch

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Myodoo Nextcloud

MyOdoo Nextcloud Connector

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MyOdoo Office 365

MyOdoo Office Connector

MyOdoo Onedrive

MyOdoo OneDrive Connector

Myodoo Zeiterfassung TimeControl

MyOdoo TimeControl  package

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Syscoon Finanzpaket

 Syscoon finacial package

Buch Einstieg in Odoo 

This book gives you a quick introduction to the open source ERP system Odoo for versions 10 and 11 in the Community Edition with a focus on the German speaking countries.

Author: Martin Schmid 

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