Basics of the website with Odoo

See in this short video which possibilities the website offers with Odoo.

The content of the tutorial as transcribed text in this blog entry: 

Welcome to the Odoo Basics.

No matter whether we run a regional company with a retail shop or, for example, offer local services to our customers, if customers and potential customers cannot find us on the Internet then we simply do not exist. And hand on heart, if we ourselves have contact to a new supplier or customer, we don't look there first on the Internet and inform ourselves how the company presents itself there. This is exactly what other companies do with their company. We now want to use this opportunity and present ourselves in the best possible way. With Odoo we have a simple tool that enables us to create an appealing and professional website from scratch with little effort, which can be easily navigated by the users. 

Now let's have a look at how we can build a nice and structured website with Odoo. In our dashboard go to the website icon. As you can see, we have no content yet. First jump to the tab Customize and adjust the design. Here we can decide if we want our website "wide or boxed". We can now adjust colors that match our products and our company colors. Here we have the primary colors and background colors. If we have decided on the boxed layout. I leave my settings here and then choose a font that I like. Let's close this and now add different blocks to our website.


Here we click on edit. First we add a cover. The image is only an example, as is the existing text. We can then adjust this according to our wishes. Let's add a title and an image with text and more blocks. As you can see it is easy and done in a few minutes. Of course we still have to add our own content, but it looks good so far. Now let's add a quote from a customer. There are many more possibilities. Just try it out here and find out what suits your style. Let's start now and adapt the sample content to us personally. First I change another background image for my cover.

To do this, we click on customize and say "Own picture". We have several options here to choose an image. For example, there are existing images that we can choose from. We can also upload an image or insert an image with URL. In our case we upload an image. We can now adjust where the focus is in the image by going back to adjust and selecting size and background. Here I set the focus in the middle. Now I insert my desired text. In addition, we have different ways to adjust our text and images. We can choose the font size and color or integrate a link and insert an image. Let's go on with our columns here. I change my title Consulting Planning Execution. I can change my image again here.

We can also set a background color to make a blog more eye-catching. To do this, we click on Background Colors and can immediately see and choose what we like in the preview. We can also change the size by dragging the arrow and then add another field via the copy icon. But I don't do that here and undo this here. To do this I click on the button at the top of the bar. Let's save this to this point and look at the result.

That's it for creating the website there is still a lot to do, so check out our other videos about the website with Odoo.

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