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Nowadays it is impossible to imagine companies without an ERP system. However, many companies do not want to pay expensive license fees directly and therefore rely on the rental model of an ERP system before purchasing. We have adapted to the needs of our customers to offer them the optimal ERP solution.

Programs are therefore not only sales products, but monthly paid services. We use the term "Software as a Service" (Saas). There are programs that still run on the computer but also programs that run on the servers of the providers and therefore directly in the browser.

With our main product MyOdoo, we can meet your individual needs - whether ERP system, CRM system, manufacturing or e-commerce? With MyOdoo you can create individual solutions. MyOdoo is the license-free, web-based software solution for your business management areas. You only pay the provision fee and conclude a software maintenance contract.

Based on the "Best Practice" of our ERP-Frameworks MyOdoo we initially put together three different packages that are adapted to the needs of the users. There is a suitable package for every requirement. ownERP is provided as a service in a German data center.

Here you can see a comparison of the variants that we can offer you.


  • Customers receive packages (modules) under AGPL for a provisioning fee as OnPremise (on customer server) or OnDemand (managed server cloud). The package price is based on user scales (up to 20, from 30, from 40, etc.) and is offered individually through sales.
  • A software maintenance contract and an agreement on commissioned data processing serve as the contractual basis.
  • With OnPremises (own server or rented server) the client is responsible for server maintenance and updates. There is an initial briefing, furthermore there is a WIKI. However, you can also have the server operated as a "Managed Server Cloud" by Equitania Software GmbH - exclusively in German data centers incl. server patches and MyOdoo updates - customer has no access to the server, but can draw backups. There are currently 3 server versions with up to 10, up to 25 and up to 50 simultaneous users.
  • Further developments increase the software maintenance § 9.2 (20% per year based on the development effort)
  • Monthly updates are made via the Equitania Release Manager.
  • The administration access for Odoo is possible without restrictions.


  • The customer decides on a certain basic orientation (service, web shop or production) and is provided exclusively on demand (Managed Server Cloud). With the selected package, one starts with 2 users. 

  • The contractual basis is a Software as a Service contract and an agreement on commissioned data processing.
  • With OnDemand (Managed Server Cloud), Equitania Software GmbH operates exclusively in German data centers, including server patches and MyOdoo updates - customer has no access to the server, but can pull backups.

  • Monthly updates are made via the Equitania Release Manager.
  • The administration access for Odoo is limited.

Sprechen Sie uns einfach an und wir bereiten Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot vor und unterstützen Sie auf dem Weg zu Ihrem Odoo System.


Due to many years of experience in dealing with the Open Source ERP Odoo, we can advise you in all matters holistically and competently and respond individually to customer requirements.


We plan your project according to your requirements using the agile SCRUM method. It does not matter whether it is a new project, a migration or an existing project. We find a cost-optimized way!


After we have completed the project planning, we implement your project in one or more SCRUM Sprints on schedule and in a resource-saving manner. Should requirements change or deadlines be postponed, we react flexibly to your needs. 

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