News about the Odoo Basics Videos

Wir haben weitere Videos zu den Odoo Grundlagen für Sie.

We have already put more videos about the Odoo Basics in our channel for you. The latest topics of the Odoo videos are among others: 

In the video tutorials we show you many important tips & tricks for using an Odoo ERP system. The first basics like creating a database, introduction to the user interface or how to install new apps have already been published on Youtube.  

Thus the number has already grown to 29 videos and is expanded weekly with 2 - 4 new videos. Subscribing to our channel is therefore worthwhile in order not to miss any more videos. Since we live the Open Source idea actively, we make the Odoo videos available to the Odoo Community free of charge. 

The Odoo Basics videos will all be released on our new Youtube channel under the label ownERP. 

Visit the ownERP Youtube channel right now 

and watch the latest Odoo videos.