SEO optimization with Odoo

In this video we take a look at how we can easily do our SEO-optimization with Odoo.

The content of the tutorial as transcribed text in this blog entry: 

Welcome to the Odoo Basics. In our last video we have created new content. But it is not only the content that matters, but also how our website is found by search engines. To increase the visibility of our website we have to do SEO measures. By Seo tendered Search Engine Optimisation we mean all measures on a website that contribute to search engine optimisation. The most important for a Seo optimized website is of course the own content of the website. Content must meet some criteria so that it can be read, evaluated and indexed by the search engine. Since we do not know all the rules here, we use the help of Odoo.

Odoo offers us great help without the need to understand the complex background knowledge. Now let's have a look at how we can increase our rankings in search engines like Google or Bing. We are on our website. An important ranking factor of search engines is the loading speed of our pages. That means the faster our website is, the better our ranking is. Odoo compresses the pages of our website automatically with the creation of the individual pages. As you can see, I can quickly jump from one page to another on my site without long loading times. Now let's have a look at our pictures. Odoo also compresses the pictures automatically when they are uploaded. Now let's have a look at it and go into the edit mode. We select an image with a double click and have our upload options here. When we go to this page and upload an image Odoo will automatically optimize the image to the correct size. If for some reason we don't want compression for our upload, you can do this here and click on the little arrow. This will not reduce the quality of the image but it will reduce the optimization of our upload time. 


To do this, we click on the picture and then go to the upper bar on the field Description. We now add a description, the so-called Alttag, which describes the photo, if for some reason it can not be loaded. In addition, we store a short information about the title tag. Here we say planning the implementation. The short information appears when our visitors put the mouse over the picture. Let's save it and have a look at it. Another important point is the size distribution of the headlines.

Each page should have exactly one h1 heading. Not two not three not zero. This allows the user to quickly grasp the subject matter and find his way around the text more easily. A clean website structure is positively evaluated by the search engine. We now want to make sure that we use only one h1 headline on our site. In this case we have this as our heading. We can see you if we click on the little arrow in the bar at the top. Now let's go to the next heading. I see, here we have header 2 and so we can check this. Let's save this and talk about one thing that will greatly maximize our visibility in the search engines, namely the metadata of our pages.

Here we jump into the tab advertising and Seo optimize. Here we have our keywords, a title, a description and a preview. In the preview, after entering the title and description, we can see directly how our page will be displayed in the search engine. Let me add a title and a description. Now let's enter some keywords. Here we can define different keywords for our different languages. Here I say ERP system. As you can see, here are some words as a suggestion which I could insert with one click. I do not want to do this here because it is not the right thing to do. Now ERP Software as service and Odoo.

Now let us take a word that we need and that is indicated in the proposals. This will make it even easier for us. By the colours you can see if the keywords appear in your test of the website or not. Dark blue means that the keywords are used in an h1 headline and light blue means that they are used in the content of the page. Grey keywords are not present in the text. As you can see the Seo optimization with Odoo is very easy and super fast. That's it for the Seo optimization. Thanks for watching and see you next video.

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