Docker Images

Based on our Modules we prepare constantly updates in Docker Hub.

                              Odoo Docker Images

Under the docker platform we provide constantly updates based on our forks. The installation guide you can find directly in the image.

Version 13

Docker Hub MyOdoo 13

Version 12

Docker Hub MyOdoo 12

Version 14 is planned in the  1st Quartal 2021 , if  all our Basis-Modules will be ported.

In  February 2021 we published the  2. edition of  Buch "Einstieg in Odoo"  which also explains the introduction in  Docker and a docker based Odoo installation.

Odoo Buch Einstieg

Reading example (German) for free

Some chapters of our Odoo book are already available for free in an exclusive reading sample. In the reading sample you will also find, among other things, Chapter 4 - Docker Quick Start. So all technically interested people can have a look at a detailed step-by-step guide here.

 Example pages on Leanpub