Hardware recommendation

Which hardware do I need for an Odoo server?

Odoo is certainly one of the most resource-saving ERP systems in terms of functionality.   

You can install Odoo directly on a physical server or use a VPS server with virtualizations. 

Our general recommendation:

  • PostgreSQL 9.6 (from Odoo 10) - here applies as with all databases > the more RAM the better min. 2 GB 
  • 1 physical core per 10 concurrent users
  • 2 GB memory per 10 simultaneous users
  • Run Odoo instances in Docker Container
  • PostgreSQL and nginxdirectly on the host system
  • Operating system Debian 8.x or Ubuntu 16.04

Our recommendation for cloud servers:

Our recommendation for dedicated servers:

  • Install directly on a physical server.
  • Hardware RAID before SSD
  • We have very good experience with the Server-Börse from Hetzner. 
  • In the search mask, enter "HWR" for hardware RAID under Other.