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Product no. PK-00050 - Software maintenance no. SP-00050

Search your Odoo data in the backend in a few milliseconds.

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For backend and website


This module contains a new and fast search function (ElasticSearch) in the backend, which uses an ElasticSearch-DB as a basis, all data is regularly exported to ElasticSearch-DB via cronjob and is included in the search.

The search supports these features:

Exact search for Sale orders: "AN-2017-01432" -> returns only the offer with "AN-2017-01432""AN-2017-0142*" --> return all offers with "AN-2017-0142

More search examples: Cutomer: Müller
Customers: Müller
Supplier: Müller
Suppliers: Müller
Saleorder: Müller

A search word can be also consisting more words: "Uwe Martin" or "Customer: Uwe Martin" 

The search options also provide  AND and NOT. E.g.: 

+sodo+martin = data that contains "sodo" and "martin"
Customer:+sodo +martin = all customers with "sodo" and "martin"
+sodo+martin -uwe = all data contains "sodo" und "martin" but not "uwe"

In search the following tables are included 

  • Menus

  • Leads (crm.lead) 

  • Documents (ir.attachment) 

  • Messages (mail.message) 

  • E-Mails (mail.mail) 

  • Sale Orders  (sale.order) 

  • Invoices (account_invoice) 

  • Products (product.template)

  • Purchase Orders (purchase.order) 

  • Contacts ( res.partner)

  • Serialnr./ Lot

More features: 

  • categorized search results

  • preview of number of results per filter

  • Switch function in search results

  • Last change date visible

  • Search proposals available 

Logging available 

You can activate the logging for several tables separately. It is shown in Backend under logging. 

e-Commerce search for products, that are published in webshop 

These products are regularly exported to ES-DB with Cronjob and stored for the webshop under an extra index, which can be specified in the settings for Elastic Search. These fields of the table product_template are exported:

  • Name (German, English)
  • Number
  • Sales text description (German, English)
  • Picture
  • List price

Websitesuche mit Elasticsearch

With the module eq_es_website the following content on websites can be searched: 

  • static pages 
  • blogs
  • Webshop Produkte

The detailed module documentation can be found in our Wiki.


Package components

This package essentially consists of the modules:

  • eq_es_base

  • eq_es_ecommerce

  • eq_es_web

  • eq_es_web_mrp

  • eq_es_web_project

  • eq_es_website


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