MyOdoo FastReport

MyOdoo Fast Report

Product no. PK-00070 - Software maintenance no. SP-00070

With this integration of the Fast Report Engine into Odoo 10/12 systems, developed exclusively by us, you can process reports yourself very easily and without programming knowledge. 

It solves the biggest problem with Odoo.

Module is available for version 10/12 

Module price start at 1.990,- € 

The Odoo module is exclusively available under the AGPL license and a detailed documentation in German language. The Fast-Report Server Module is subject to a proprietary license and requires a Docker Container with .NET Core 2.3 or higher. The price depends on the number of users. Our sales department will be happy to submit an individual offer. All prices are subject to VAT. 

Quick training period


Docker Image .NET Core

We deliver the German / English reports for quotation / order confirmation, picking, delivery note, invoice as well as purchase confirmation and further FastReports with the module. In a basic report, the layout for all FastReports is defined centrally.

Fast-Report supports over 25 barcode formats, various graphic formats (pixel / vector), sub-reports and table formats, overlay, WYSIWYG, export formats like PDF, office formats like Excel, Word or OpenOffice. Furthermore a C#.NET or VB.NET interpreter is integrated. A connection with other data sources is also possible.

Odoo and FastReport can be directly coupled via Docker Container and exchange data securely. The Odoo transfer of data can be adjusted by the system administrator without programming.

The FastReports can be viewed and exchanged via WEB-GUI. This is also possible via the file transfer integrated in the Designer. So you can also test the reports with live data in WYSIWYG mode before they are uploaded to servers.

For Fast-Report there is a German User Manual


You can find the detailed module documentation in our Wiki

Package components

This package essentially consists of the modules:

  • eq_fr_core

  • .NET Core applications 2.3 or higher in Docker under Linux

  • Optional Windows .NET application for offline report design

Subject to change without notice.