Myodoo Fertigung +++

MyOdoo Manufacturing +++

Product No. PK-00100 - Software Maintenance No. SP-00100
Product No. PK-00110 - Software Maintenance No. SP-00110
Product No. PK-00120 - Software Maintenance No. SP-00120
Together as a bundle
Product No. PK-00150 - Software Maintenance No. SP-00150

  • 3-fold optimization for the MRP module from Odoo 

  • Fundamental improvements, masks and field extensions 

  • Convenient calculation of production costs including overhead 

  • Delivery forecast of production orders based on material procurement and production plans 

Plan and control your supply chain through various applications in the manufacturing module. Personalize your master data, configure planning and manage your production and work orders.

Module is available for version 10/12 

Module price from 1.990,- € 

Our modules are exclusively available under the AGPL license and a detailed documentation in German language. The price depends on the number of users. Our sales department will be pleased to submit an individual offer. All prices are subject to VAT.

We make the production modules of Odoo better


You can find the detailed module documentation in our Wiki

Package components

This package essentially consists of the modules:

  • eq_mrp_base

  • eq_mrp_sale

  • eq_product_copy

  • eq_calculation

  • eq_delivery_forecast

  • eq_web_search_mrp

Subject to change without notice.