MyOdoo Basic Package

MyOdoo Basic Package

Product no. PK-00010 - Software maintenance no. SP-00010

MyOdoo Basic Package

  • One of the most extensive module collections in the German-speaking area.
    All our modules are based on this.

  • Consisting of the modules, Basic, Email Extensions, Responsive Interface, CRM, Purchasing, Finance, Contacts, Warehouse, Human Resources, Price List, Product and Sales Optimization.

  • Adjustments of the most important external documents for the German-speaking area including orders, delivery notes, invoices etc.kl. Bestellungen, Lieferscheine, Rechnungen etc.

  • Document modules for header & footer texts in sales, purchasing, delivery notes and invoices

  • from Odoo Version 12 Community and Enterprise

Module price starts at 1.990,- €

Our modules are exclusively available under the AGPL license and a detailed documentation in German language. The price depends on the number of users. Our sales department will be pleased to submit an individual offer. All prices are subject to VAT.

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                  A variety of extensions for your Odoo system

                  We make Odoo really useful for the German market

                  • Optimization of interfaces for addresses, products, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and much more

                  • Extended the partner search of the sales order to include the address type. Street and city can be set

                  • In the settings, the tab "Installed modules" is displayed as the first entry and is called up when opening

                  • The company view is extended by 4 fields, which are displayed in the footer of the reports. Just like the company logo, which is printed on the report

                  • Added the customer and vendor number with sequence generator in the customer/vendor

                  • Own translation logic of reports and screens

                  • Internal and external paperformat is set

                  • New field "Mediated by" added in the leads. Contains now a description.

                  • All order items for purchasing and sales are displayed again in a separate screen (list, form)

                  • Delivery conditions inserted in the sales order

                  • The search for individual items in the price list - Delete via the detail view - Widget in the product mask

                  • Clerk inserted in the sales order, seller is automatically added (configurable)

                  • Own logic for thousands-separators and decimal places for the reports inserted (adjustable)

                  • Decimal places for quantities, weights and prices separately adjustable for purchasing, sales and production

                  • Delivery date for purchase/sale can be printed on reports (adjustable calendar week/date)

                  • Header text for the reports inserted

                  • Link established between sales order, delivery note and invoice

                  • Service date in invoice derived from delivery note

                  • Optimized product description for sale/purchase

                  • Position number for orders inserted. Is transferred from the sales order to the delivery note and the invoice

                  • Extended the product search so that the reference can be searched for and displayed

                  • Added customer reference to the list view of the sales order. Search for the customer is reference possible.

                  • 1:1 connection between employees and users established

                  • Overdeliveries are combined in one position (configurable)

                  • Cancellation of delivery notes without invoice - new delivery note is created

                  • A wizard for changing the delivery date in the delivery note added. Reason for the change must be specified and is documented as a message

                  • Button/widget added to the products that display the price list items

                  • Field for the price list version added to the price list item

                  • Tax is set automatically for the invoice items if an invoice is created from a delivery order that has no reference to a sales/purchase order

                  • External no. maintainable for sales activity - is automatically inserted in the sales order in reference no.

                  Contact reworked:

                  • First name field added

                  • Date of birth field added

                  • Address type extended by the mailbox address

                  • Standard delivery and billing address can be specified

                  • Creator of the data record is entered as seller (adjustable)

                  Reports reworked:

                  • Sale offers

                  • Sales order

                  • Request

                  • Order

                  • Delivery note

                  • Invoice

                  • New: Order items

                  • New: Return delivery note

                  • The "sale_layout" module integrated, which allows to group positions

                  The detailed module documentation can be found in our Wiki.


                  Package components

                  This package essentially consists of the modules:

                  • eq_account

                  • eq_base

                  • eq_base_report

                  • eq_contract

                  • eq_crm

                  • eq_hr

                  • eq_pricelist

                  • eq_product

                  • eq_purchase

                  • eq_report_pattern

                  • eq_res_partner

                  • eq_sale

                  • eq_sale_crm

                  • eq_sale_stock

                  • eq_setting_unbrand

                  • eq_stock

                  • eq_web_responsive

                  Subject to change without notice.