Odoo Enterprise doesn't have to be a dead end

We help you out!

Was viele nicht wissen:

Although you can easily upgrade a community version to Enterprise, the way back is unfortunately much more difficult because many tables and contents are changed in such a way that the way back cannot be done without problems.

If you cancel your Enterprise contract you can no longer use Odoo even if you run the system on your own server. A background service constantly sends to Odoo in Belgium what your database is called, how many users you have created and asks if your contract is still valid. After the end of the contract your system will be deactivated.

We will help you:

Zum einen können wir Ihre Daten mit unserem Framework Even your old time stamps and users are preserved.  First, we will conduct a workshop with you, in which we will jointly review your data and discuss the transfer.  Then we set up the scripts so that parallel operation is possible until you finally switch over. 

We guarantee:

MyOdoo neither transmits any data to us nor deactivates your system if you decide to cancel our software maintenance contract! 

All modules, which you get from us, are based on  AGPL respectively LGPL