System migration service

System migration service

Produktnr. PK-00250

Important: This is only a guide price based on previous projects. Since the table structure changes frequently from Odoo version to version but also between Community and Enterprise, it depends essentially on what concrete requirements you have. 

System migration project start at 1.990,- €

Our sales department will be pleased to submit you an individual offer. All prices plus the legal value added tax.


By using our migration scripts we can transfer data from other Odoo systems (also Enterprise) to our current MyOdoo system based on the Odoo Web-API. Master data can usually be transferred more easily than transaction data. In order to determine your needs we will first conduct a workshop. During this workshop we will review your data together and determine the effort for the migration or, if necessary, the expansion requirements of our script collection. You will then receive a fixed price offer.


We set up 2 systems together with you (Test/Live).

Then your data is initially transferred from the legacy system with our basic migration framework into your test system.

Afterwards, you view the result and the completeness of the data.

Should adjustments have to be made, this is not included in the basic price, but will be invoiced separately.

This may become necessary in particular through third-party modules. You will of course receive a fixed price offer for the additional costs.

Finally, the final import into your new live system takes place. We recommend a stock inventory.

Please note that you may have to make changes in the settings in the test and live system!

For website content, it depends essentially on the theme remaining identical. Of course this must also be available for the new Odoo version.  

Master data

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Interested parties

  • Opportunities

  • Products incl. templates

  • Delivery details

  • Personnel data

Motion data

  • Offers

  • Sales orders

  • Purchase orders

  • Invoices

  • Project data

  • Communication data

Parallel process instead of one changeover

In the past we have converted some customers with Odoo Enterprise contract. The customer has to upload his database to the Odoo server for conversion and gets a converted database. No cleanup takes place.

Our approach is based on a transition process, i.e. the data is continuously transferred from the old system to the new system and only after you have checked that it fits, do we switch over. This does not result in any downtime.

But the crucial point is that we clean up the data and merge duplicates.

Available for the following systems

We have currently tested the procedure for

  • Odoo 8 CE and ownERp on ownERP 10

  • Odoo 8 CE and ownERP 8 on ownERP 12

  • Odoo 9 Enterprise on ownERP 10

  • Odoo 10 Enterprise on ownERP 10

  • Odoo 11 Enterprise on ownERP 10

  • Odoo 10 on ownERP 12