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Create new page in the navigation

How to create a new page on your Odoo website


Moving a page in the Odoo Navigation

To move a page in the navigation of your Odoo website


Creating links in Odoo

This video describes how you can easily insert text links on your Odoo website.


Presentation Illingen hat's

The project serves to strengthen regional trade and is a pilot project of the Gewerbeverein Illingen e.V. under the patronage of the IHK Nordschwarzwald in cooperation with Equitania Software GmbH.


Presentation Illingen hat's IHK Nordschwarzwald

Insights into the Illingen project are provided by the Illingen trade association in cooperation with the IHK and Equitania Software GmbH. Insights into the community of Illingen in the Enzkreis, opinions about chances and risks of online trade and retail in the course of time.


Presentation SEO Illingen 21.03.2019

Creating a website is not a one-time process, but it requires constant maintenance and adjustments to the specifications of Google and also the legal framework is constantly changing.