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Product no. PK-00160 - Software maintenance no. SP-00160

Record your employees' working hours using barcodes in Odoo and/or RFID/NFC tags using an ASP.NET Progressive Web App via the RaspBerry Pi or special hardware.

Odoo 12 

Module price starts at 1.990,- €

The program is compiled as a Windows application under a proprietary license and comes with a detailed documentation in German language. The price depends on the number of users. Our sales department will be happy to submit an individual offer. All prices are subject to VAT. 

Features of Odoo timecontrol

This module for the Odoo time recording includes the logon and logoff, as well as the recording of break times of the individual employees. The recorded working times are saved in the Odoo database where they can be used for a detailed evaluation and can be printed as a report, for example as a supplement to the payroll accounting. Below you will find an overview of how to use the application and the functions it contains.

The enhancements for the recording of working times take place in the "Employee" section of Odoo. The module you absolutely need for this is called eQ HR Timemanagement. Requirement to use this application is that you have already created a company with several employees who have an account in the Odoo system. 

The recording of working time can be done directly in the browser in the app "Attendance times" in Odoo. The employee then logs in to the system with his or her access data and then goes to the tab Attendances. There he now has the possibility to check in and start his working time. After completing the login process, the employee now has the option of checking out or taking a break. If he is on a break, he has to end the break again on the screen. At the end of the working day, the employee will log out via the interface.

It is possible to take several breaks in one work phase. This means, for example, that you can enter a breakfast break and a lunch break via the system. A prerequisite for recording overtime for your employees is that a valid contract specifying the weekly working time is stored for the employee. You can find this as a personnel manager or administrator under the menu option "Personnel" or "Contracts".

A further adjustment is the extension of the configuration settings, which round off the time list of employees. If this option is active, the times are rounded to quarter hours in favor of the employer. This means that if one of your employees logs on at 8:05, the system records this as 8:15. If he or she logs off at 16:29, this is calculated back to 16:15. If you deactivate this option, the working time of your employees is accounted to the minute and exact times are recorded.

We have also extended the report for the time listings for Odoo 10. This report is not available in the standard. This report is exclusively from us. Here you get an overview of the working hours of your employees and you can also view absences such as vacation, holidays, school or sick days in the report. You can print this report here under Employee at Print Time Statement. Enter an end date, usually the end of the month. You can display and print this report. The report displays the time statement for the relevant month and the annual leave overview. We have also documented this module for you in our Wiki module.

Watch the video: 
 Watch the video: 

Hardwerempfehlung für Zeiterfassung

Hardware recommendation

In our example, we used a Raspberry Pi in combination with an RFID reader and a 7-inch touch display. 

Python must be installed on the Raspberry Pi. 

You also need RFID chips for your employees. Alternatively, the registration without chip can be done by employee number. 

A user manual in German can be supplied. 


Beispielaufbau von MyOdoo Zeiterfassung mit Raspberry Pi

Users Manua: All steps 

For the setup we deliver the set completely assembled with a user manual in which the first steps with the hardware terminal and the configuration are explained very simply.  

Read manual online

Technische Dokumentation > AUF ANFRAG

Package components

 This package essentially consists of the modules:

  • base_setup

  • eq_hr

  • eq_hr_pwa

  • eq_fr_core

  • eq_public_holiday

  • hr

  • hr_attendance

  • hr_attendances_overtime

  • hr_attendance_rfid 

  • hr_holidays

  • hr_holidays_public

  • hr_timesheet

Subject to change without notice.

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