Open Source advantages

Based on the legal facts, we list the advantages that result from this, as there are reservations, especially when it comes to use.

The 3 core principles of Open Source DMS 

  • Availability of the source code and the right to modify it.
  • The right to distribute the open source software and all changes and improvements to the source code.
  • No exclusive rights to the software.

All source code of Odoo/OpenERP is openly available. Millions of users worldwide use it. Thus errors and security holes are found and eliminated quickly. "Backdoors" are never excluded, but they are far less than in closed systems.

Nevertheless, even with Open Source, some key data is important to ensure that its use does not become a disadvantage.

 Operating system support
Operating system support: Although Odoo/OpenERP is usually installed on the server side on the open source operating system Linux, it can also be installed under Windows and with some skill on Apple OSX. Since Odoo/OpenERP is used completely in the browser, it runs in modern browsers on Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX or Linux desktops as well as on various tablet operating systems like iOS 7 or Android 4.x.
Odoo only based on PostgreSQLOpen Source database. This database enjoys a very good reputation worldwide and can compete with commercial products in terms of performance. (e.g. Comparison MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL)
Programming language
Odoo/OpenERP is written in the popular programming language Python which is also available as open source. The roots of Python go back to the early 90s. For years, Python has occupied a place among the top 10 most popular programming languages. (e.g. TIOBE Index)
Odoo/OpenERP has several hundred developers and service providers worldwide. So you have the free choice to choose a partner you trust.
Documentation: Odoo is well documented, at least in English. A technical documentation is available at
and is improved almost daily.
In addition, Martin Schmid published his Odoo cookbook in April 2016 -
the recipe collection for the work with Odoo
 MyOdoo Wiki
Many tips and tricks for users in German language:

Open Source against prejudices

If one talks with users or decision makers about Open Source Software called OSS for short, prejudices like

  • Open Source Software is insecure
  • Open Source Software projects are chaotic
  • Open source software has more bugs than proprietary software (mostly commercial software whose source code is not disclosed)

Since these prejudices are unfounded, we have linked some sources for you here where you can find out about the facts:

You will find an interesting article on this subject under: EU study advises companies on Open Source

If you still have concerns or questions, we would be pleased if you contact us.